Ikon Electrical offers electrical design and construction services to both small and large scale projects.

We pride ourselves on offering cutting edge designs to our customers. Our highly skilled team has many years’ experience in tackling complex jobs.

We don’t just tell you what to do; we take your ideas on board and work out the safest and most efficient way to incorporate them into the job without limiting best practice. We will take the time to find the best options for you that suit your project to save your money on electricity costs in the long run.

Electrical Design & Construction


Ikon Electrical specialises in meeting the commercial and industrial requirements of any industry as well as meeting all legislative requirements. Ikon Electrical are known all around Queensland for providing high quality service and innovative solutions. We strive to provide the client with a design and construction a solution that will leave you with the highest outcome within your budget.


The Ikon Electrical team are proud of all of our work, some of the projects that we are very proud of include:

  • Breeze Apartments;
  •  Emporio Apartment;
  • Lakehaven Townhouses; and,
  •  Cairns Private Hospital.

Ikon Electrical also work with the Western Australian Government in remote communities to build and renovate homes. This allows us to ensure that everyone, no matter geographic location, has access to the best technology to service their needs.

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